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Local, handmade, sustainable, and magickal. These are our values at The Triple Goddess, and they permeate throughout the contents of every product or Goddess Box that leaves our doors.

Whether you're just passing by or here to join the Goddess family, we are sending you love, light, and positive energy.

@tags from our Goddesses

from @pandora_curiosity

[The Nyx Box]

"Every month gives you something exciting to look forward to receiving." 

from @nicoleclarknz

[The Gaia Box]

"I fall in love with these more and more each month. My favourite part is always the hand picked Oracle card and reading...."

from @finding_sams_way_

[The Kali Box]

"Love receiving my monthly goddess box from the Triple Goddess. So beautiful and unique they even come with an Oracle card and reading just for you."