About the Goddess Box

The Goddess box is a monthly delivery of magical, spiritual and divine goodies inspired by a different Goddess with each edition. Every box you receive will have a toolkit of items that work together to guide you throughout a month of personal and spiritual growth. The box has been created for everyone, including women who are new to witchcraft or spirituality, to long-time Wiccans and Witches that want to grow their craft. The box may include:

  • Crystals 
  • Jewellery
  • Altar items
  • Spiritual tools
  • Guided meditation
  • Aromatherapy
  • Beauty products
  • Homewares
  • Spell + Ritual Kits
  • Candles

Not into commitment? No problem you can just buy one of our boxes at the one-off price. But get in quick, stocks are limited and priority is given to subscribers. 

    How it works

    1. Each month we will have a themed box that will be sent to you automatically when you subscribe.

    2. At the beginning of each month you'll get a notification telling you what the theme of the box is going to be.

    3. We send the Goddess Boxes out on the third our fourth week of the month, depending on stock availability. Near the end of each month, you'll receive your Goddess Box (baring any delays out of our control). It'll be filled with ritual items, spiritual goodies and items intended to bring you joy, usually created for you to use throughout the next month until you get your next box.

    4. We will reveal the box contents after all the subscribers have been sent their purchases. 

    5. If you subscribe, you'll be charged for each box on the 5th of the month, unless you request otherwise by contacting us at info@thetriplegoddess.co.nz

    6. You can unsubscribe at any time after the purchase of your first box, but once you buy a box you cannot unsubscribe from that box, and will be unsubscribing to the following month. i.e. if you have been charged for a box, we will have started preparing it for you and therefore cannot cancel it. You will be unsubscribing to the following month's box.

    7. If you want to buy a one-off box, you can do that too. If you buy it before it's launched, you'll receive it at the end of the month with the rest of the subscribers. If you buy it later (assuming they haven't sold out!), you'll receive it in 3-10 working days, depending on your location.