Understanding shipping times

*PLEASE NOTE* Shipping policies for Goddess subscription boxes, one-time purchased Goddess boxes and limited edition boxes are different than our other store items. Please refer to "The Goddess Box Shipping Policy" section for the conditions relating to the stated products above.


We're always at the end of the line if you have any questions about your order. Nevertheless, below are some frequently asked questions and answers to help you understand our shipping times. 


Why do I need to wait longer than usual for some of my items?

As much as we are trying our hardest to look for local suppliers, New Zealand just doesn't carry some of the products that we want to sell in our shop. This means we need to source items from various countries around the world. For example, some of our crystals are shipped in from Uruguay, our shoes often come from either Italy or Japan, and some of our clothing and jewellery comes from the U.S., Europe or Asia. 

Because we're a small business but still want to keep our prices affordable for our customers, we often have our manufacturers ship items directly to you. This means that, depending on the item that you've ordered, your item might be coming from one of the aforementioned countries. 

How long will I need to wait for standard delivery items? 

Between three and four weeks, depending on the country of origin. We are always building our range of locally-sourced products, which will be shipped to you with a guaranteed delivery date of about three working days in New Zealand. They will have a pink express delivery icon in the top left-hand corner. 

What does Express Delivery mean?

We have a section of products that are available for shipping immediately. This means you'll receive them with 1-3 working days in New Zealand, and in about 2-3 weeks for the rest of the world.


Can I track my order?

We have a fantastic tracking service right on our website. You can find it in our footer menu. All you need is your order number and email address. 

I've already placed my order and now I'm not happy with the shipping time. What can I do? 

Get in touch! If we've already shipped your order, we won't be able to cancel it, but we might be able to help you in other ways. Just touch base with us, explain the situation. We're always happy to help. 



The Goddess Box Shipping Policy

New Zealand

All customers purchasing the Goddess Box from within New Zealand are provided with a personal tracking number. The cost of postage and packaging is $8.50 NZD.

International shipping

Please note: Due to customs delays resulting in large amounts of refunded orders, our business has had to suspend international shipping, including to Australia. We're very sorry for any disappointment, but it is not currently viable for our small family business. 

We want to ensure that all our witches and goddesses get their boxes as affordably as possible, but we're a small business which means we are subject to standard shipping and courier charges. 

What this means: If you choose not to purchase the tracked shipping option when you purchase the Goddess Box, we will not be held liable or responsible for delayed or missing boxes. We will, of course, be happy to lodge an investigation into the whereabouts of your package using the reference number provided to us by New Zealand Post. 

Please see above notice. 


Standard International Shipping for the Goddess Box is $18 NZD.

Tracked Courier Shipping for the Goddess Box is $33 NZD.

North America 

Standard International Shipping for the Goddess Box is $33.10 NZD.

Tracked Courier Shipping for the Goddess Box is $62.85 NZD.

UK & Europe

Standard International Shipping for the Goddess Box is $33.10 NZD.

Tracked Courier Shipping for the Goddess Box is $62.85 NZD.

Rest of world:

Please inquire before purchasing.